Paso Pacifico and Nicaraguan jaguars need your help!

As some of you know, I will be launching a jaguar conservation project in Nicaragua this summer with Paso Pacifico, a conservation NGO. Our project is currently being featured on PetriDish which is a site that raises money for science projects all over the world.  Please check out our project page created by Paso Pacifico to raise money and educate people about our study. You will find an outreach video, pictures, researcher bios, and project info. We need to reach our goal in 60 days or else we don't get anything! Please donate and/or share the link with any jaguar or wild cat enthusiasts that you know and encourage them to also share our site via facebook, twitter, email, phone, passenger pigeon, whatever....

Please go to to view our project page.  We are offering gifts in compensation for pledges, including photos, cat track casts, and more!

Thanks to all for your time and generosity.