This website is founded and managed entirely by Laurel Serieys, Ph.D. formerly affiliated with UCLA where she studied factors influencing bobcat disease susceptibility, including rat poison exposure, genetic health, and disease exposure. To do this research, she collaborated with biologists at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (a unit of the National Park Service) in Los Angeles and Ventura counties in California. This website does not reflect the views or opinions of the National Park Service. However, because Laurel's work is heavily intertwined with the work of local National Park Service biologists, she has an insider's perspective on the bobcat and mountain lion research conducted the by local National Park Service biologists. For Laurel's postdoctoral research, she is leading the Urban Caracal Project in partnership with University of Cape Town, University of California, Santa Cruz, and Cape Leopard Trust, a nonprofit in South Africa. Laurel remains involved with ongoing bobcat and mountain lion work however.

Given Laurel's intimate knowledge of  urban carnivore research in the Los Angeles area, there are several missions she hopes to achieve with this website:

  • Present scientifically accurate and up-to-date information about research conducted on urban carnivores in the southern California area, especially around Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.
  • Provide educational material about the basic biology of wildlife living near Los Angeles.
  • Raise awareness about threats to wildlife in the southern California area, which are also threats faced by wildlife globally and therefore globally applicable. 
  • Provide information to the general public about ways to mitigate certain threats to wildlife that live near urban centers.
  • Provide points-of-contact for the general public and media entities interested in learning more about local wildlife, report wildlife sightings, or participate in education and fundraising efforts.
  • Inform the public about fundraising needs to support this ongoing research. The Santa Monica Mountains Fund, a non-profit established in 1988 to support the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (see 'Donations' for more information), is a steward in fundraising efforts.

For questions or comments relating to this website, email Laurel. Comments on content are appreciated, or if you would like to see more information about one of these topics, please let Laurel know and she’ll add more! For other points-of-contact, see the "Contact" tab.

If you would like to use some of the information on the website for personal or community use, get in touch with Laurel!

Laurel Klein Serieys (preferred mode of contact)